Sushila Mathew

Sushila is a First Degree Master.  She is available for lessons, demonstrations, and workshops. Please contact her at

YuMei Montalvo

Yu Mei has the Professor Rank, SOMU. She started studying Sogetsu in Singapore in 1992 and has spent 17 years teaching it in Ecuador. She now resides in Houston and is available for demonstrations, workshops, and classes .  She speaks English, Spanish, and Mandarin, and often is requested to speak at other II chapters . YuMei has started the Sogetsu Study Group of Houston.  Please contact her at 

713-515-9824 or at

​​Karen Chang

Karen holds her classes in ChinaTown here in Houston.  She speaks both Mandarin and English.  Please contact her at 713-876-5750 or at

Sylvia Hanna-Russell

​Sylvia has a Junkako Certificatin.  She is available for demonstrations and classes. Contact her at

Nanako Tingleaf

​Nanako considers herself a life long student of Ikenobo. She often travels around the world taking classes from Ikenobo Masters. She is available for demonstrations and classes.

Contact her at

Ikebana Teachers

Houston is fortunate to have the most respected Ikebana Schools represented:  Ikenobo - the original ikebana school, Ichiyo, Kofu, Ohara, and Sogetsu.  These teachers are long standing members of Ikebana International, are well qualified, and highly respected in their schools.  Each one is passionate about ikebana and enjoys sharing her enthusiasm.   Need to find out what differentiates the schools?   Please click on the school's name to learn more.  We are often asked which school is "the best"?  That question can only be answered by you.  Many times a particular school is chosen because it works best for the student's schedule.  Please contact the teacher directly for further information. 

Nature is always changing.  Plants grow and put forth leaves, flowers bloom, and berries are borne regularly and repeatedly throughout the seasons.  Nature has its own rhythm and order.  The awareness of this is the first step in involving oneself in ikebana.

Shirley Bludau

Shirley started her Ichiyo studies in Tokyo in 2000 and received her Instructor's Certificate in 2009.  She is available for demonstrations and classes.  Please contact her at 832-407-6027 or at

Shinobu Hauge

Shinobu lives in the Cinco Ranch area.  She has her teacher's license and has exhibited her arrangements in Takashimaya Department Store many times. She is available for classes, workshops, and demonstrations.

Contact her at