Houston will be hosting the 16th NAOTA (North American Ohara Teachers' Association) Conference October 9th through the 13th, at the Westin Hotel in Memorial City area.   Attendants must hold a minimum of a teacher's certificate from the Ohara School.  On Friday, there will be a  demonstration by Associate Professor Akihiro Nishi.  His demonstration and the Sayonara Banquet is open to all ikebana enthusiasts.  Attendants must register for these events.  For further information regarding the conference and Friday's demonstration, please download the pamphlet.  You may also download NAOTA's February newsletter.

San Antonio has a vibrant ikebana scene with multiple groups studying ikebana.  One of the groups can be found through this link.


Dallas/Ft. Worth formed the 13 Ikebana International Chapter.  You can check out their activities from this link. The D/FW Chapter will be hosting Ikebana International North American Regional Conference in 2019.  This is a great opportunity to watch the different headmasters from school headquarters in Japan arrange for an audience.  Check their website as we get closer.

The Ikebana International North and Central American Region Conference, NCARC, will be hosted by Dallas/Ft. Worth in 2019.  Save the week of October 13 - 17, 2019.  Join with II members from across North and Central America plus headmasters from Japan to enjoy ikebana.

We are often asked where to find ikebana materials in the Houston area.  We encourage enthusiasts to check out resale shops and the internet.  Long time member and potter, Jeff Yoshida, is a great source for containers.  Check out his site, Kaki by Jeff.  

Houston is home to the Tachibana Schoolwhich has been hosting Ikebana classes for many years.